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Proof.Work has been quietly but consistently building a powerhouse distribution model of developer tools and consumer based technology.

We are cheerfully and expertly designing, developing, strategising and implementing blockchain programs and smart contracts for small and large medical clients, non-profit foundations, HIT, mHealth companies, Pharma groups and small service clients. Proof.Work includes all our years of experience on doing cryptography or application user cases.

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  • Integrity

  • The right code

    Working together to create secure, decentralized healthcare data

  • Good Health

    Good Health opportunities, no matter colour, creed or race.

  • Humanity

    Pairing global population health to digitalize and earn from healthcare experiences

Meet the Specular Team

Worldwide leader in Web Design

Data interoperability

currently healthcare institutes work in silos of data which is just dated and needs to be changed

Real multi-purpose

Patient will leverage ZKP (Zero Knowledge Proof) technology to keep data private.

Pharma, Care and Medical research

Medical research requires a lot of data – we’re creating a decentralised public dataset to enhance medical research.

Custom Codeless Slider

Healthcare infrastructures are rife with vulnerability and obsolete systems. 

Data liquidity

Patients should have full control over their medical history and data.

Created with research

Proof are creating a decentralised public dataset to enhance medical research.

We help more than 2,000 global clients

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