Leveraging blockchain immutable trust to form the world's first patient-first healthcare ecosystem.

We create one single version of truth in healthcare, always in sync. Practice management. Electronic health records. Medical research data exchange.

A democratised health and wellness ecosystem using the blockchain to self govern data and improve care. PROOF™ helps decentralise medical health data by granting access through smart contracts using our portable management tool kit.

PROOF™ focuses on privacy regulatory standards (HIPAA & GDPR) to create patient-first relationships between payer, provider and life sciences;  assigning all assets permission based access. Our collaborative secure approach creates an irrefutable supply of trust between users wishing to delivering messaging, payments, big-data, meaningful use and accountability.

Improving persistence rate with conversational experiences. The Proof
– Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

For the first time in history users will own their own tradable health record and get true interoperable access to it.

PROOF™ secures blockchain enabled medical data through therapy related conversational engagement layers, mHealth IOT devices and medical pharma thumbprints, improving communications, medical persistence rate and meaningful use throughout Healthcare.

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Why Blockchain in Healthcare?

Patients medical data on a decentralized secure Proof ledger is the key for personal ownership, interoperability and is a lifetime history of care. Data is encrypted, managed by the consensus and can only accessed by the owner. By todays standards, the blockchain is more private, liquid, costs less to administer and provides a real-time lifesaving flow of medical and health data.

Trusted meaningful-use data

Helping population health stay in control of their proprietary data through permission based blockchain.

Interoperable utility chain & Dapp

Using PROOF™ Secure Transport Information Blocks (STIB) all healthcare incumbents can use our Oracles and work together.

Healthcare compliancy made easy

PROOF™ focuses on privacy regulatory standards (HIPAA & GDPR) to create patient-first relationships between users in our network. 

Population health data exchange
Users can securely share, learn and earn from their medical data through the Decentralized Electronic Medical Record (DEMR).

It's Your Data Population Health


Fully HIPAA (US) & GDPR (Europe) compliant PROOF™ has been created to work for population health whilst protecting the privacy and rights of patients medical records. A patient can grant controlled permissions for Population Health to utilize the data with each party on the chain seeing the data they need.


Providers can utilise the network by creating utilities for the patient, payee or research institute. PROOF™ creates Libraries, Oracles and SDK kits to ensure data is shared into healthcare, providing vendor systems an offer into enterprise blockchain solutions where data and care service is equally distributed amongst healthcare incumbents.


PROOF™ helps to get rid of the need expensive administrative costs or intermediaries and reduces time to pay from patient, providers and payers. Payer responses and ERAs are added to the corresponding claim file. Transaction are recorded on the ledger and given access to all of population health


Anyone on the PROOF™ network can tap into a pool of health care data. Through a shared economy of smarter informatics, PROOF™ makes meaningful-use data made available for it’s healthcare professionals and patient to share, learn, earn and to make better informed decisions.

Our Partners & Friends


Jeff Pulver
Blockchain Investor

Father of VOIP, Monage Founder & CEO First investor of Twitter

Amit Shafrir
Homecare Specialist

Senior care tech expert.Co-founder, SaferAging,com, lert.ly, and OurParents.com (sold)

Dr. Vittavat Termglinchan, MD
Stanford Genome Editing

Enrolled in Stanford as an organized health care education/training program

Core Team

Guy Aharonovsky
CEO and co-founder

20 year experience in startups, coding, and security. Blockchain evangelist

Islam Heralla
CTO and co-founder

Full stack developer , Distributed Cloud & Networking,  Ai & ML , Senior product management . Graduated from TLV Uni in Mathematics & Computer...

Professor Marc E Rothenberg, MD
Professor in Human Science

Professor of Pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Sharon Rashi-Elkeles
Human Genetics

Ph.D. Stem research with 15 years involvement in academic sciences

Lyndon Baptiste
Blockchain Investor

20 years in Marketing and Business Development. Blockchain and Bitcoin early stage investor.

Percent of healthcare institutes believe that blockchain will help reduce the frustration of making clinical decisions based on incomplete patient data

Million Smart Phone users in the USA alone, almost all, well 89% want access to their healthcare data. Once you look at the global numbers, its starts to get large.

Billion Dollars is how much the global healthcare increases ever year. Over a third of this expenditure is classed as waste.

Billion Dollar the Medical marketing industry in the USA alone. For every $1 that pharmaceutical companies spend on “basic research,” $19 goes toward marketing and promotion

The backbone of HealthCare is here

Combining actual high-tech sensors, blockchain protocol, and the use of smart contracts, our company is building the world’s first building blocks for publicly verifiable, community-driven pharmaceutical and patient wellness programs to assure [sic] the quality, safety, and origins of medications.

PROOF™ EcoSystem 2.0

Data is the world’s most valuable resource and can be helped to drive value-based-care. PROOF™ provides the services to empower patients to truly own their data.

PROOF™ (PRF) Token

The local currency is the PROOF™ (PRF) Token and is how products and services are bought and sold.

Secure Transport Information Blocks (STIB)

PROOF™ creates Secure Transport Block Authentication (STIB) as one of three drivers as an answer for true interoperability.

Data Security & Privacy

PROOF™ brings a distributed ledger of transactions that is absent from current IT systems, making it harder to hack or falsify.

PROOF Decentralized Medical Records (DEMR)

PROOF Decentralized Medical Records (DEMR), gives you full ownership of a 360° lifetime work of health data and care.

PROOF™ Network

The PROOF™ network is equipped with an array of tools for connecting users, incentivising population health to stay well, get healthy and lead better lives.